Sociology, Psychology, A Convergence Of Disciplines, Team Members Explaining Causative Forces In Behavior

In The Role Of Sociology In The Study of Mental Health…And The Role Of Mental Health In The Study Of SociologyWheaton (2001) discusses the fields of Sociology and Mental Health as partners in explaining factors in behavior.





Wheaton, B. (2001). The Role Of Sociology In The Study of Mental Health…And The Role Of Mental Health In The Study Of Sociology. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Vol. 42(3), (September), 221 – 234.



When The Defendant Has A Mental Health Condition, Psychiatry In The Courtroom

Doughty Street Chambers (2017, May 31) provides a video with Siobhan Grey QC interviewing Professor Micheal Kopelman regarding the psychiatric expert witness testimony:

[VIDEO:  Neuropsychiatry vs Forensic Psychiatry in Homicide Cases]






Doughty Street Chambers (2017, May 31). Neuropsychiatry vs Forensic Psychiatry in Homicide Cases [Video File]. Retrieved from


Childhood Autism, Asking The Necessary Question, One More Variable Worth Considering

Are childhood vaccines directly linked to autism, or is there a history of illegal drug usage in one or both parents of children with autism?*


*It stands to reason there are individuals with a prior history of illegal drug usage, and went on in life and produced healthy children.  Each case has to be looked upon independently for better analyses.



September is Self-Awareness Month

“Self awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions” (Pathway to Happiness, 2017).  Also, the concept provides us the ability to gain comprehension about others, their perceptions of us, our dispositions and interactions with them (Pathway to Happiness).

The following is an excellent resource on self awareness:

[Video] Roy Baumeister – What is Self Awareness?