Older Men, Reproduction – “Paternal Age at Childbearing and Offspring Psychiatric and Academic Morbidity”

This is another article to share with family and friends.  The literature is about older males (45 yrs+) with a greater risk of having children with psychiatric issues and academic difficulties, compared to men in younger age groups.  You can read the abstract here.


Important Articles Regarding Pregnancy

Please share this information with expectant mothers, and those who’ve given birth recently: Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy May be Linked to ADHD, and Increased Risk of Blood Clots Lasts 12 Weeks After Pregnancy, Not Just Six.


To Those Who Experience Abuse – A Spiritual Message of Encouragement

This blog has discussed many forms of abuse during the month of February.  Whether someone is currently in an abusive situation, or was able to escape one, GOD (CHRIST) witnessed all of it, and will sort things out on behalf of the abused.

GOD is everywhere, sees everything, and everyone.  Rest assured, GOD disciplines disobedience.  The day will come when HE confronts the abuser.  The latter will have to answer the former.  There are always spiritual ramifications set into place towards people with heinous behaviors.  The abuser won’t escape.  GOD is loving and has the final word on everything.

It’s important for the abused to understand another factor:  It’s one thing to be a victim of abuse, quite another to play the victim.  The latter discourages the ability to recognize positive opportunities when they knock.  If therapy is required, continue on that road.  Lead a life filled with purpose.  Don’t allow abuse to hinder the future.  Don’t allow any of it to define personhood.

May the rest of life’s journey be filled with absolute goodness and calm.


Chronic Pain and Psychological Interventions

The American Psychological Association has material regarding how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Self-Regulatory Therapy are more effective alternative treatments, compared to typical drug therapy and surgery for individuals experiencing chronic pain. You can read more here.


Patient Confidentiality – The Duty to Protect Doctrine Violated

Dr. Peel, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Patient Privacy Rights, gave a recent interview with C- Span about the millions of entities which have access to “electronic patient records”.  This means therapists who made earlier, honest, attempts to provide the securest environment for their patients’ records, still have a major difficulty to contend with. Physicians can anticipate similar patient confidentiality issues as well.

You can learn more about Patient Privacy Rights here.