To Our Military, THANK YOU For Your Sacrifice

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Off-Label Prescriptions



The patient takes for granted drugs prescribed to them by their doctor were specifically designed by pharmaceuticals to treat their condition, and there was earlier approval by the Food and Drug Administration based upon that specificity. That Prescription Might Not Have Been Tested For Your Ailment discusses reasons certain medications are prescribed over others, issues doctors experience, and the lack of technology to gain information about these drugs to keep the patient safe.





Educational Games

From MindGames BCI:

[Video] “Mind Games – Mind Training Games With Benefits”


The Mind Games application has a variety of exercises:

  • Attention Training
  • Math Star
  • Memory Racer
  • Mental Categories
  • Speed Trivia
  • Vocabulary Power
  • Mental Flex
  • Memory Grid
  • Anticipation
  • Word Memory
  • Abstraction
  • Face Memory
  • Object Memory




Running – The Complete Workout

The following resource explains how a person’s entire body, and aspects of their life, can improve significantly by adding this form of aerobics in their fitness regimen:

[Video] “Health & Mental Health Benefits of Running”