March is Brain-Injury Awareness Month

A brain injury is a blow to the head that prevents the brain from functioning normally.  The video demonstrates how the U.S. Military is taking an active role to identify soldiers who experience this injury, get them early treatment, expand the discussion regarding brain injuries among professional athletes, and in research benefitting civilians domestically and on the international landscape.


[Video] Healing Brain Injuries




Can’t Do It

This blog has discussed Family Violence and Brain Injuries in earlier posts.


I’ve always loved the various sports teams throughout the region and hometown.  Rooting for them is always a practice, whether professional, or non-professional.

Unfortunately, after deep consideration, I can no longer watch the game of American Football.

It stands to reason athletes can become injured from time to time, and hopefully those conditions are minor.  However, it’s hard to rah-rah-rah, and then worry if they’ll experience brain injuries, and take their lives because of those conditions.

Also, because of revelations/allegations of family violence (i.e., domestic abuse, child abuse) by some of the athletes, I can’t watch the game any further.

My conscience won’t allow me.