Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Narcissistic, Psychopathy; A Brief Word

When an individual is diagnosed with one of these mental health issues (i. e., the primary disturbance), the individual automatically has a comorbidity because the others are prevalent, but on smaller levels.





September is Self-Awareness Month

“Self awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions” (Pathway to Happiness, 2017).  Also, the concept provides us the ability to gain comprehension about others, their perceptions of us, our dispositions and interactions with them (Pathway to Happiness).

The following is an excellent resource on self awareness:

[Video] Roy Baumeister – What is Self Awareness?




WARNING – Delicate Subject: When A Government Infantilizes The Citizenry, Psychological Ramifications

So what does infantilization mean?

When a government treats people as though they are incapable of thinking for themselves because the government views people unintelligent to think for themselves, thus incapable of caring for themselves.  The philosophy of this brand of government is it will take care of the people, always.

The government treats people as children.

As an aside, it stands to reason certain benefits are required, temporarily, when people experience hardship.  These are for individuals who are able-bodied, those without mental health conditions, and others with psychological issues albeit functioning well.  Conversely, there are individuals who require certain benefits a lifetime due to their physical/mental health conditions.  Benefits are an infrastructure, safety nets, which are a must.

Returning to the subject, there are generations in families not understanding how government has caused wreckage in their lives.

The following are psychological issues associated with infantilization:

The vulnerable can have a lack of –

  • Healthy self-esteem;
  • Self-efficacy;
  • Imagination, creativity;
  • Healthy coping mechanisms, and
  • Resiliency.

Infantilization promotes –

  • Narcissism;
  • Ingratitude;
  • Unfulfilled advancement in life;
  • Contempt for excellence;
  • Anger management difficulties;
  • Envy;
  • Divisions within groups and external groups;
  • Prejudice, and
  • Unrealistic expectations.

Finally, this brand of government exploits people instead of encouraging them to engage in personal development, and develop and hone skills for becoming as self-sufficient as much as possible.




Social Media Community, Members Who Promote Hostility, Frequent Online Casualties, A Breakdown of the American Discourse

Let us eliminate the following particulars from guilt:

  • Social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
  • Political ideology, and
  • The individual’s socioeconomic aspects.

The blame is on individuals who are out of control because of:

  • A dangerous mental health, for whatever reason;*
  • Personal failure, whether real or imagined;
  • Narcissism (i.e., A need to feel/appear important);
  • Lived in an unhealthy environment during the developmental years;
  • A cruel desire to take advantage of the distance among members on the social media platform(s), and
  • Saved the best for last: A serious relationship with God is non-existent.

When these individuals enter society, all of us are subjected to their ill behaviors.

And sometimes the results are tragic.


*There are individuals angry for the sake of being angry.  The anger serves a purpose.



Project Management, Unfavorable Results, Critical Thinking, Resilience, Schaudenfraude*

Projects have a way of taking on a life of their own.  The larger the scope, the higher the potential for disappointing results.  Therefore, many projects never come into fruition.

Team members need to possess resiliency, a trait numerous inventors had long ago.  They kept re-tooling until their creations worked appropriately for the masses.

Finally, there are projects an individual can agree and disagree with, simultaneously.  Critical thinkers recognize nuances, after all.  However, when people laugh, snicker, applaud bad results, these are miserable behaviors for young people to emulate when we consider the time will arrive when they, too, will experience disappointment of one kind or another in their development years, and adulthood.


*A strong effort is never a failure.