Novels, Imagery – Cognitive and Life Advantages

There are several positive aspects to bring forward about imagination.  Let’s begin.

  • Radio Dramas.  Imagination.  The subject got me thinking about the generations of people who were alive before television was invented.  They listened to radio dramas, became accustomed to visualizing, got involved with the plight of the characters, and listened everyday to those programs.

Audio books, and the following resources, are fun and relaxing activities to improve this important cognitive function.

    1. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Fiction Podcasts
    2. BBC Radio Dramas
    3. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Fiction Podcasts


“Do antidepressants work?”


As this blog has stated repeatedly, an individual with a psychological difficulty should use medication only if it’s absolutely necessary because of the many side effects they produce. If you’re someone who has, or is presently using “antidepressants”, feel free to anonymously contribute your experience for The Guardian online survey*.  Doctors are welcome to participate in this survey as well, and give their expertise on the subject.

Mental health is a global issue.  Thus, every region should participate.

*Must be over sixteen years of age.